Safeguard Sensitive Data when using GPT and AI

Safeguard Sensitive Data, Logging, Metrics, Auditing and Compliance Solution for GPT and AI

Data Masking with Keywords and Regex Patterns

The data masking feature ensures that sensitive information, such as personal details or confidential data, remains protected while maintaining the context of the conversation.

Customizable Behavior to Safeguard Sensitive Data

You can define whether the system should reject requests containing sensitive data or apply masking techniques to filter the data, preserving privacy while still allowing contextual understanding.

Anonymous Usage

GPTSocket allows you to interact with GPT-3, GPT-4 and other language models anonymously, ensuring your privacy and sensitive data are protected. Access and pay anywhere with Credit Card, EU SEPA, Alipay and WeChat.

Proxy Functionality for Enhanced Privacy

GPTSocket acts as a secure proxy between your applications and OpenAI's infrastructure. By channeling requests through GPTSocket, the privacy of your users' data is protected. This ensures that sensitive information never directly reaches OpenAI, minimizing the risk of data exposure.

Logging and Metrics for Auditing and Compliance

GPTSocket offers comprehensive logging and metrics capabilities. Enabling these features allows your organization to log and audit requests submitted by employees. Detailed logs serve as valuable resources for accountability, compliance with data protection and AI regulations, and internal auditing purposes.

Multiple Sub API Keys for Enhanced Security

To bolster security, GPTSocket enables you to create multiple sub API keys for auditing and accounting. This feature mitigates the potential impact of a main OpenAI API key leak. By utilizing sub API keys, you can compartmentalize access and reduce the risks associated with key exposure.