Prompt Library for GPT and AI

Ready to use Prompts for GPT and AI to finish your daily tasks. Create and manage your own collection of GPT prompt templates.

Prompt Template Repository

Prompt Library serves as a centralized repository of prompt templates covering a wide range of tasks and activities. Users can browse and access a variety of existing templates optimized for different tasks, saving them time and effort in creating prompts from scratch.

Customizable Prompts

Prompt Library allows users to customize and adapt existing prompt templates to suit their specific needs.

Form-Based Interaction

Prompt Library can provide a user-friendly form interface where users can input their task details, preferences, and any other relevant information.

API Integration

Prompt Library can offer an API that allows developers to integrate the prompt template functionality directly into their applications or workflows. Users can programmatically interact with the API to access, customize, and generate prompts based on their task requirements.

Logging and Metrics for Auditing and Compliance

GPTSocket offers comprehensive logging and metrics capabilities. Enabling these features allows your organization to log and audit requests submitted by employees. Detailed logs serve as valuable resources for accountability, compliance with data protection and AI regulations, and internal auditing purposes.

Multiple Sub API Keys for Enhanced Security

To bolster security, GPTSocket enables you to create multiple sub API keys for auditing and accounting. This feature mitigates the potential impact of a main OpenAI API key leak. By utilizing sub API keys, you can compartmentalize access and reduce the risks associated with key exposure.